Enjoy 50% Discount on Helium 10 July 2019

I’ve reviewed a lot of tools for Amazon sellers over the past couple of years and I’m excited to finally share my experience with a software called Helium 10 and show you what it has to offer. Finding profitable products that actually makes money is something every seller finds difficulty in. This is mostly because it takes hours of thorough research, reviewing the potential product, hard work, and patience. Black Box can save you precious time. This tool allows the seller to get the real picture and find the most profitable niche and product opportunities.

They go on a site like Jungle Scout to see how many sales a product has, and they soon realize that they can’t compete with it. Well, if you want a piece of that pie, all you have to Helium 10 do is beat your competitors, using a pretty significant keyword phrase, and then get sales from that. You can still generate a 6-7-figure Amazon business based off of that strategy.

I’ve been thinking about trying this. Thanks for the thorough review. Good read. I’d love to hear if any of the products you launch using this tool are a hit! I have one winner and it’s a unique product with very little competition. I don’t even run any ppc. I’ve never done giveaways (even when they were still allowed). But I’ve also had some flops. I feel lucky that I have one good one which continues to provide the cash to pay for other attempts. I realized that I was going TOO nichey (yes, nichey). My next product is going to be a tiny bit more competitive.

There is no one correct way to narrow down on an Amazon Research Tool and a seller should always trust their instincts and essentially see what really works for them. However, it is necessary for a potential seller to know what would maximize their chances of making a better profit or what would drive higher success. You need to essentially comprehend how the products are panning in specific markets and what their demand is. On deciding on the niche, you would have to decide what particular product you wish to sell and once that is done, you should look at the demographics to gather for yourself, a clearer understanding of everything. Once you have thoroughly revised all of this, it would relatively easier to settle on a Research Tool.

Niche hunter also looks at different marketplaces to find the kind of product that will sell well in every market. It has access to the UK, US, Canada, Mexico, and India markets among others. You can also categorize products by the number of units sold, the price, the quality score and the opportunity score.

We are proud to say that SellerApp is one of the few players in the industry with a dedicated suite of features just for Amazon PPC. From our experience, we have seen that seven out of 10 Amazon sellers struggle with this very concept and hence, here we are to help you master PPC.

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